High Quality, Affordable Tack lockers

We are an established long standing company and the main suppliers of Tack lockers in the UK and  Europe and are now also well established in the US market. We can ship your tacklocker wherever you are in the world!

The pride in our work and product is embedded into every product we produce and that you receive.

New advancements in our design, manufacturing, production processes means that our products are at the forefront, indeed in most cases way ahead our competitors for even greater ‘high end’ practical, innovative appeal and usage.

We use Marine Grade SAE European Standard stainless steel fittings and fixtures wherever possible for extra strength and functionality. Thereafter, aluminium is used in the remaining critical points of production to reduce the weight factor to the bare minimum yet keeping a smart appearance- chassis, saddle racks, bridle holders, riding jacket hooks, etc. 

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Now available, our new innovative advanced wheel braking system which is unique to and manufactured for us at Tacklockers.com.

We have developed a new ‘off set braked wheel’ on the front doors to enable the tack lockers to be braked and stabilised at shows and whilst travelling. This is now a standard feature.

These can also be fitted to both the single and double door tack lockers as an optional extra located  to the underside front corners of the robust aluminium chassis as well as the doors thereby braking the whole tack locker.


Just a few of the  leading riders in the World using our Tack lockers:

  • Scott Brash  – Olympic Gold Medallist
  • Laura Renwick – Leading Lady Show Jumper
  • Emile Faurie – Dressage Rider and International Trainer
  • Jack Whitaker – European Gold Pony Medallist
  • Paul Friday – Dressage Rider
  • Geoff Billington – International Show Jumper
  • Vicky Hesford – Top Showing Rider and Producer
  • And there are many more…
Scott Brash Rug Trunk

Tack Lockers for Show Jumping, Eventing , Dressage, Showing, Pony Club, Polo, Racing…

We hope you can find everything you need. Tacklockers.com is focused on providing a high-quality service and customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to your expectations.

If you require a bespoke design then let us know.

With a variety of styles of our tack lockers, show trunks, rug trunks, feed locker, and grooming boxes, many sizes and colours to choose from we are sure you will be happy with our exceptionally high standards and products.

These tack lockers suit all equestrian needs, from Show Jumping, Eventing, Dressage, Showing and any other equestrian discipline. Or even just for at the yard!


Having been involved in equestrianism for over 40 years, we feel that our expertise in this field is second to none. We have hands on experience having competed at International level and now with our family at National level.

We would welcome the opportunity to deliver you the best service in the equine world.

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We would like to make it known that Tacklockers.com is in NO WAY connected with the following companies:


We have had many emails, calls and posts mistaking our company for others who have not delivered, or delivered sub standard goods after long delays.

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