Traditional Rug Trunk

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  • Rug Storage trunk
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  • Green Glens Arena Trunk
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  • traditional rug trunk
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  • Scott Brash

Our rug trunks are made to compliment the tacklockers and can be made to your specific size required.

A very handy item for storage both at shows and at home holding a vast amount of rugs and equipment. Keeping everything needed to hand, clean and tidy.

Featuring two locking swivel castors as a standard feature. The chassis has cut away corners to allow movement, yet still retaining their low profile.

A further option is 2 pneumatic wheels on one end with two swivel locking castors on the other. This enables the trunk to be pulled/pushed over the heaviest ground using the lower pair of handles

Castors are the heaviest duty possible with strong ball bearing inserts.

Price: £550 with castors     £575 with 2 pneumatic wheels and 2 castors


Dimensions: Rug trunk shown here 1200 w x 600 h x 600 d. Built on 75 x 75 x 7mm welded aluminium angle chassis with swivel castors for easy movement.