Our Tacklocker Features

What makes Tacklocker products unique from our competitors?

  • Ultra Lightweight

    We build all Tacklockers and rug trunks on a 75 x 75 x 7mm welded aluminium chassis. This gives our products the advantage of being very light, yet extremely robust and secure.

  • Tack Fittings

    We have both bridle holders and saddle racks made from aluminium, especially fabricated for us by a specialist tooling company.

  • Pneumatic Wheels

    We use 10” 4 ply pneumatic wheels as standard, enabling our tacklockers to cover the most uneven ground, and up horsebox ramps with ease. The pneumatic wheels are fixed to the chassis giving stability and manoeuvrability.

  • Locking Door Wheels

    Now available, our new innovative advanced wheel braking system which is unique to and manufactured at Tacklockers.com.

    We have developed a new ‘off set braked wheel’ on the front doors to enable the tack lockers to be braked and stabilised at shows and whilst travelling. This is now a standard feature.

    These can also be fitted to both the single and double door tack lockers as an optional extra located  to the underside front corners of the robust aluminium chassis as well as the doors thereby braking the whole tack locker

  • Interior Lining

    Our laminated board is especially manufactured for us to incorporate a white formica inner lining, this ensures your tack and rugs are not scratched or scuffed by rough sides. This allows them to be easily cleaned, mold free and functional – fit for purpose!

  • Joints

    All joints and corner pieces are sealed with a special sealing compound to prevent water invasion.

  • Securing Points

    Our tacklockers have handles riveted on both sides and the back which help with movement and also can be used to secure to stables with chain and padlock.

    Extra Lashing points can be added if required.

  • Locks

    Each tack locker has two large heavy duty catch locks enabling combination or key padlocks to be used to lock up the unit securely.

  • Delivery and Customer service

    We manufacture and deliver on time, as agreed! Our team will help with designing any tack locker to suit your needs. Our years of experience can help guide you to design a product that really works for you. Our own standard designs have been made to suit all needs, from the Compact Pro Tacklocker, to the Professional range, giving affordability without compromising on standards.

  • Colours

    Tacklockers.com are happy to meet all your colour requirements. We can now offer an unrivalled spectrum of colours with over 150 in our range there is something for everyone.

  • Options

    Our tack lockers are made to standard designs, but bespoke designs can be manufactured.

    We are happy to cater for all needs, and our design team are happy to discuss your different requirements.

    From our hands on experience we know what works!

Ultra Lightweight small Tack locker locking wheels lashing point padlock latch